S1 E6: Lauren Ray – Singer/Songwriter

Lauren Ray is an independent singer/songwriter.

Lauren Ray - Singer Songwriter
Lauren Ray – Singer Songwriter

Based in London, Lauren has firmly established herself as an independent music artist. In 2016, Lauren released her debut album ‘We Will Need Courage’. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, the album was released to critical acclaim.

Following this release she has toured extensively across the UK and Europe, supporting artists such as Anastacia, Rebecca Ferguson and Paul Carrack.

Lauren Ray

Alongside writing and recording her own creative projects, Lauren has written and collaborated with artists in a variety of genres.

Lauren penned and lent her vocals to US Trance Producer Jason Ross, featuring on his two hit singles Me Tonight and I Will Be There. Lauren has also written with UK and US country-pop artists such as Don Gollardo, Carey Ott, Beth Keeping and Emily Faye and UK soul/pop artist Monique Lawson. With her unique but catchy melodies and lyrical depth, Lauren is a songwriter that is quickly making a name for herself.

Our conversation took place in July 2020, a few months after her second studio album ‘Woman In The Arena’ was released. We cover numerous topics including what it takes to find your voice, achieving authenticity in songwriting in how different people interpret her music.

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