S1 E11: 2020 Review of the Year


It is fair to say that there is an overwhelming amount of CONTENT out there to consume. And Lord knows the world doesn’t need yet another 30-something bearded white male producing a podcast. So, despite all this, I just want to say a massive thank you to you for taking the time to listen to this particular show.

For those of you who haven’t listened before, I hope this episode gives you a flavour of what Five Rooms is all about, and maybe a little inspiration to check out some of the previous episodes.

For those who are new to the show, each guest is given 5 rooms to create an imaginary exhibition that tells their story. As guest curators, they have the chance to fill each room with the stories of their lives, the essential tools of their trade and the influences which guided them along the way.

On today’s episode, we’re going to listen back to excerpts from conversations with each of the 10 guests featured in the first series of Five Rooms.

Well, that was an interesting year.

I don’t think we’ll ever really understand the impact of everything that has happened this year. The general sense of foreboding, the rollercoaster of emotions and the lack of connection to friends and loved ones.

The whole reason I started this podcast was to have the chance to actually sit with people face to face to discuss their vocations and passions, because I believe it is so important to celebrate those people.

Ha, nice try! Said 2020.

On Saturday 19th December, here in London the government delivered the somewhat devastating news that we were banned from travelling this Christmas, 2 days before we were due to travel to see long overdue family. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go upstairs, lie on the floor and exorcise all of my rage by screaming into a pillow.

I don’t know about you, but I find it all too easy to paint 2020 as a year where absolutely nothing good took place. However, I really do think it is important to try and celebrate the small wins we have experienced this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I have struggled on a number of levels and have felt regularly overwhelmed and often ashamed of how easy it is for me to feel completely defeated. I miss spending proper time with loved ones, I miss buying a round of drinks, I miss going to gigs and dancing. Admittedly, no-one else misses my dancing, but still. I have close friends and family who need airtight hugs right now more-so than ever, and it breaks my heart over and over not to be able to deliver that love and support. The universe gave me long arms for a reason!

But even throughout the adversity of this year, there will be new perspectives realised that change the way we look at the world. Even on this podcast, the challenge of remote recording meant reaching out further afield, and connecting with people across the world in a way that I would not have done before.

This is in no way an attempt to belittle the tragedy, the loss and exhaustion of this year. I have seen friends lose loved ones, people burnt out from overworking and a massive spike in uncertainty from those in vulnerable industries.

I hope that as a society, we gain a newfound perspective on the people that matter most; those that need protecting and nurturing. Those who educate our children, care for us when we are unwell and those who give so much positivity into this world through the arts.

This podcast was always intended to celebrate those who contribute positively to this world. People from all walks of life who have been carrying on creating and making, finding new ways to work and express themselves.

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