S1 E2: Valia Gliati – Architect

Valia Gliati is an architect, currently working in London.

Originally hailing from the chaotic city of Athens, she is a Project Director at Darling Associates Architects, delivering exquisitely detailed homes and apartments.

Before lockdown, Valia kindly hosted our conversation back in February 2020 at her beautiful home in Battersea, South London. As you might imagine from an architect’s residence, it is an immaculate space; every aspect of her home is effortlessly chic and minimalist, which obviously takes a great deal of effort and consideration.

Battersea, London

Our conversation covers her early life in Greece through her approach to designing beautiful places to live in London.

Recording with Valia Gliati, February 2020
Recording with Valia Gliati, February 2020

Just before the interview, Valia revealed her sketchbook where she had been making notes about her proposal.

Valia Gliati's notes on her Five Rooms proposal

Valia Gliati's notes on her Five Rooms proposal

Valia Gliati's notes on her Five Rooms proposal

When I started this project, I was really excited to hear from a diverse range of voices and celebrate the different ways in which people will respond to being given a free rein with the Five Rooms. Her interpretation of the brief really blew my mind and I hope that you enjoy it too.

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