About Five Rooms

So, how does it work?

Each guest will have five rooms to fill with their life, creating a retrospective exhibition that tells their story.

Each of the 5 rooms is themed around a particular aspect of their life so far, including Early Life, Influences, Tools and Work. And, of course, no exhibition is complete without the Gift Shop, where guests will choose an item for each listener to take away with them.

Together, we’ll walk through each imaginary space as a way to explore the creative process and how you work.

This series is intended to be an unpretentious and positive celebration of people from all walks of life; whether they design, draw, dance, sing, sculpt, capture or cook.

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About the Host

If Oliver were a card (which he is), he’d be a jack.

To be more precise, a jack of all creative trades.

From the quite literal highs of shooting aerial photography over London to the lows of… well, fortunately there have not been too many of those, Oliver Card has found himself working across a variety of disciplines and fields. His work has involved 3D interactive design, web design, graphics, branding, photography, shooting video and more.

Through collaboration and chance, this has led to many positive encounters with creatives, performers and VIPs (very interesting people) who have made a distinct impression on his magpie mind, and are fundamentally the inspiration for this podcast.

Outside of his creative duties, he can often be found riding his beloved Eddie (motorcycle) around Crystal Palace in South London, where he lives with his wife Laura.

His other joys in life are found in Formula One, food and questionable but expressive dancing.

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